Masterton South Rotary

Next Meeting 02nd July 2019

09th July

16th July


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Introduce Speaker
Thank Speaker
Parting Thought
02nd July Percy McFadzean Marilyn Bouzaid Firesides Firesides Rob (Opaki) Cameron Chris Horrocks
09th July Richard Wilton Tiri Sotiri Bex Johnson Dick Hodson Steve Wilton Russell Carthew
16th July Lindsay Cairns Debbie van Zyl David Howden Paul Snelgrove Paul Greenlees Michael Blundel
23rd July David Baker Percy McFadzean Marilyn Bouzaid Chris Horrocks Brian Crump Richard Wilton
30th July Tiri Sotiri Bex Johnson Dick Hodson Russell Carthew TBC Lindsay Cairns
 Firesides this week. Directors to meet their teams and discuss any ideas.

Car Boot Roster                      Lock Code 2604

Key to rubbish bin is in the money pouch

23-June-19 John Bunny Robert Kyle
30-Jun-19 Lindsay Cairns Robert Young 
07-Jul-19 Rob (Rewa) Cameron Stephen Kerr
14-Jul-19 Derek Daniell Warwick Dean
21-Jul-19 David Howden Shelly Power
28-July-19 Juliet Palmer Graeme Sawyer
4-Aug-19 Paddy Greville Rob Irwin
11-Aug-19 Margaret Edwards Michael Blundell
18-Aug-19 Blyth King Debbie van Zyl
25-Aug-19 Paul Greenlees Roger Gardiner

Leave of Absence

Philip Sutherland
until July 30th
                      Debbie Van Zyl                             23 July – 1 October 


Apologies & Guests to: 

06 3700450 

or before 11am Tuesdays.

Guests $20-includes raffle.

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