Masterton South Rotary

Next Meeting
21st January 2020

Welcome to 2020. The first meeting will be an informal gathering with a fish & chip meal.

Tuesday 21st January



Car Boot Roster                      Lock Code 2604

Key to rubbish bin is in the money pouch

19-Jan-20 Paul Snelgrove Robert Kyle
26-Jan-20 Lindsay Cairns Robert Young
Please organise to swap if you are unable to attend on your rostered Sunday.

Kindly also ensure the Car Boot cash is delivered to the Treasurer on or
before the following Tuesday.

Leave of Absence

Freya Kerr until further notice.
David Howden until end of daylight saving
Juliet Palmer 6th Aug-29th Mar 2020
Lindsay Cairns 26 Nov, 3 Dec, and 10 Dec.
Bill Aitchison 5th Nov to 3rd December
Phil Sutherland until end of daylight saving.
Please send LOA requests to
Pamela Feiertag


Apologies & Guests to: 

06 3700450 

or before 11am Tuesdays.

Guests $20-includes raffle.

Executives & Directors
Director Community
Director Youth and Vocational
Director Club Services
Director International
Clubrunner activities
Bulletin Editor